What if I don’t like the design?

Design is a subjective matter and something that you like may not be appreciated by someone else, so yes, this is a one scenario that you may encounter, but don’t worry, we do have a solution for such a situation.

House Plans made by us are custom designed to fit your needs and requirements, so in all essence they are designed as per the inputs given by you. They are fully functional and will be beautifully designed as you have requested.

In such rare cases where you do not find our House Designs in line with your expectations, we recommend either ordering  a modification with a much clearer picture of your requirements or going ahead with another House Design Professional, who is physically available closer to you, so you may meet with them and explain your requirements in much better way.

We do have a 99% success rate, wherein our House Designs and House Plans have been well appreciated and constructed and the families are happily living in them.


Don’t you have to visit the lot for providing the House Design?

NO, and it is a big no. Many of the Engineering and House Designers will make you believe that a visit to the site or seeing the lot physically is very important before proceeding for a proper design, well that is all not at all required in the present time.

If you really understand as to why a site visit or a visit to the proposed location of the house is required, it is to probably take measurements, understand the topography and the surrounding areas. All these can be easily provided by you, while you fill in your House Design requirement form. You can take pictures of your site, send us the google maps link, send the measurements of the lot, etc.

So, by avoiding such non-essential task, we are able to reduce our costs and also provide you with a much better custom designed house plan.

How come you are able to provide House Designs at such low prices?

HouZone.com is a completely cloud based company, keeping our overheads at the minimum. Our trained House Design Professionals use specially designed software that helps us in providing customized house designs and house plans at low pricing.

Also, we tend to provide only conceptual design and drawings for the house, leaving the common repetitive tasks of making engineering drawings, which are not required in many cases and hence we save immensely on the man power employed.

Then again, we are also looking at making House Design activity a much affordable practice, giving everybody an opportunity to get a custom designed house for their living and happiness, we want everyone to be happy.

Where is your office located?

HouZone.com is one of the world’s first Cloud Based company and we do not have any physical address in the real world for the purpose of providing customized house designs.

All our employees work from various locations from across the globe, offering you the best possible solution to your design needs.

Although we do have a physical address in Las Vegas, Nevada, for sending posts and for regulation purpose, it is mentioned in our Contact us page.

Who will design my house?

HouZone has in-house Architectural Designers, Construction Professionals, Engineers, Interior Designers and our Design Team will design your dream home for you.

Can I modify or Cancel my order?

Yes, you can modify or cancel your order within 24 hours of ordering.

Although you may not be able to cancel your order after 24 hours as we would have started the Design Process, in such a case, you may request for modification at the Draft Design Stage.

How many times can I request for changes?

We provide a one time request of change for Free at the Draft Design stage.

Although you can request for modification any number of times by ordering our Modification Package and we’ll be happy to address your request.

Please note that the Modification Package is a paid order.

Do I get a Draft Design to provide my inputs?

Yes, we need your inputs to provide you with a proper Home Design, so after we receive your order, we prepare a rough draft Design which we upload onto your page and seek your inputs. You may decide to change the design at this stage or ask for modifications.

What is the Processing Time?

All good things take time, at the moment we Process your order and provide the Customized House Plans in between 7 – 10 working days