Steps in House Building

How do you get a House Designed and Built for yourself? What are the best ways to find yourself a dream home?

For those of you prospective home owners, here is a list of the Steps that you need to take to build a dream home for you and your loved ones. These steps may vary depending on Individual choices, locations or other reasons, but overall this information will provide you with some direction.

  1. Budget – Its important to know the budget for the house, the cost of construction, the cost of designing, the interiors, etc.
  2. Buy the Property – This is actually the first step towards building your dream home, this is a very important step as the location of your house cannot be changed once fixed. Your house compared to the lot or land is quite fluid.
  3. Construction Method – You can choose to construct your house on your own or modular or a builder method. You can choose based on your convenience and budget.
  4. House Plans and Designs – this is the next most important part of house construction as this is where you finalize the design of your dream home. Spend as much time as possible on this stage with as many options, if possible. House Design process is not cheap and can cost you between 5% to 15% of the House Construction Cost while employing an Architect. You can also choose to get your house designed by House Design Companies and they may charge you anywhere between $1.50 to $2.50 per Square feet of the house designed. There is a better option and that is, this online portal offers customized house plans at very affordable and flat pricing, so do check them out.
  5. Building Permissions and Inspections – This is where a permit services company or a builder or a general contractor will be able to help you and guide you. This stage is very complex and there will be a lot of inspections & that is nerve rattling, so we advise that this portion be handled by professionals.
  6. Construction Insurance – Choosing a construction insurance before start of construction will be a good idea
  7. Construction Stage – Construction stages involve ground breaking, foundation, basement work, framing, plumbing, electrical, roofing, paneling, sealing, insulation, etc. Each stage of construction is done by construction professionals and crew.
  8. Final Inspection – Final inspection is conducted to check whether the final construction is done as per the permissions and meets the local building codes. This is necessary to move into the house. To avoid re-works and corrections, the building permissions and Inspections stage is to be taken very seriously.
  9. Landscaping and Garden – After the house construction is completed, the surrounding area is landscaped for aesthetics and ease of maintenance. This may include garden areas, plantations, grass, etc.

Whether you choose to custom design your dream house and build it on your own or go with a builder, it is very important to keep a tab on the budget and planning.

It is often said, a proper planning will go a long way in your dream home construction and help you save money. is an Online portal offering customized house plans and house designs at very affordable pricing.

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