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LIMITATIONS follows FUP (Fair Usage Policy) and we try to ensure that your Order is properly uploaded onto your Hub Page and we reply to all your Private Messages, we do have certain following limitations and we request you to kindly follow these, for the convenience of other Users.

  1. Uploading Files related to your Order – 1 time –  Floor Plan or Interiors Design will be uploaded. No Draft File or Design will be provided.
  2. Private Messaging and replying to your queries – 10 times maximum, we do try to respond within 2 working days, yet sometimes it does become difficult depending on orders and traffic, rest assured, we will definitely reply to your queries.
  3. Downloading the Files related to Order – Unlimited within 3 months of upload.
  4. Account & Membership Validity – 3 months (You can request us for increasing the Membership Validity by ordering any other service)
  5. Files will be automatically deleted after 3 months of your Order. You can request for re-uploading the files if your Account is active for Free.
  6. Uploading files from your side – 10 maximum per Order.

HOW TO ORDER 3D Exterior Elevation 

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  2. Click on the Add to Cart button.
  3. Make payment using PayPal / Credit Card
  4. Once we receive the Payment, we start the process of Designing your Dream Home.
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DELIVERY TIME : 7 – 12 Working Days.

All good things take time, please be patient.

All Designs take time and some take additional time based on the complexity of the Design and requirements. Our Design Team tries to Process and Design the 3D Floor Plan as soon as possible. At the moment we take anywhere between 7 to 12 Working Days to upload the Drawings on your Hub Page.

Patience is a Virtue

REFUND POLICY has the following refund Policy:

  1. 80% refund of your amount if the order is cancelled within 24 hours of placing the order.
  2. No refund if order is cancelled beyond 24 hours of placing the order.
  3. No refund if Drawings / Files (either Draft or Final) are uploaded to your Hub Page.


We take great care while designing your dream home and our Architectural Design Team ensures that most of your requirements are incorporated in the design, yet sometimes its not possible to properly design with the limitations of space and lot / land limitations or meet all your expectations.

We try our best in giving equal & best service to everyone and try to satisfy your requirements, yet we are dependent on Technology and we are humans, hence, we do not provide any Guarantee that our Service or Design will be flawless or fully Satisfy you.

Design is subjective in nature, the same design may be appreciated by some and criticized by others.

In such rare cases, where you find that you are not happy with the Design / Service provided by, we strongly recommend that you discontinue your relationship with us.


All Designs, Drawings and Information shared with you are copyright protected and belong to

You are not authorized to share or copy or build your House as per the Design and Drawings and Information given by without Permission / NOC from

Please read our Terms & Conditions for More information.

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