House Designs for Contemporary American Living

House Designs for Contemporary American Living

The best way to build your dream house is to do it on your own, apart from offering the maximum flexibility in terms of design options to choices of materials & complete control over the budget, it certainly is a most satisfying experience.

So, how do we go about building a house. Well, we start with the first step & that is to purchase a lot or a land on which we wish to construct the house.

If you already are in possession of the lot, congratulations to you.

Next most important step towards house building is the “House Design”. Now, we would like to emphasise that this is the single most important stage in the process of a house construction and you should spend your maximum time in planning & detailing & budgeting for your dream home.

So, what type of House Design should you choose for contemporary American living & lifestyle? Before going into the details of styles, it is equally important that the House Design is custom made for you, so that it fits your lot size & meets your requirements, this helps greatly in saving costs & giving you the house of your dreams.
Yes, a custom house Design is very expensive, but offers this service at very affordable pricing, so do visit

Now, coming back to the topic of contemporary American House Designs, you may wish to consider these following options to achieve your goal for a dream house:
1. Minimalistic designs provide for the most contemporary lifestyle.
2. Direct Ventilation to all the rooms, including baths & walk-in wardrobes.
3. Flat roof with overhangs, of course this may not be possible in all locations due to the consideration of snow fall, but if possible, this will greatly improve the aesthetics.
4. Energy efficient & Green Building designs for your dream house will provide for sustainable living.
5. Small is in, designed with sensibility & practicality, small spaces provide for easier maintenance & chic lifestyle. Small space also helps you in spending more on the finish quality, thereby improving the aesthetics.
6. Plan for the future, our lifestyles are changing dramatically, from electric powered cars to remote operating system, planning the services accordingly will help in reducing costs & for a much better living spaces.

So, whatever house designs you choose for your dream house, a simple & minimal house will meet the contemporary needs of a modern American living. provides customized house designs, tailor made for you at the fraction of the cost.

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