Conceptual House Plans is the soul of a House Design

A House Design starts with an idea, an idea of an individuals expectations, dreams and aspiration. That idea when displayed in a graphic form appears as a House Plan.

We start with the basic question as to why do we need a house? Well, a house seems to be one of the 3 primary requirements of all living things on this planet, otherwise called as Food, Clothing and Shelter. A House is a shelter, which protects us from the extreme weather conditions, providing us a habitable environment to live our lives comfortably.

A House Design is so crucial that even our ancestors in the cave tried to modify it to suit their requirements and even painted the walls, which have now become the famous cave paintings of the cave men.

The desire to modify our surroundings for our comfort is almost carnal and we can do little about it. When an individual wants to build a house, he or she starts with their basic requirements then slowly add in the comfort elements and finally adding the aesthetics to meet their lifestyle requirements.

A houseĀ should be designed for the person who wishes to live in it. A ready-made and ready to move in houses, are a big compromise on the true requirement of an individuals primary needs.

A house should be designed with a lot of sensitivity and sensibility for the individual, after assessing his true needs and then balancing the same with the comfort elements. The lifestyle requirements of aesthetics should be planned keeping the budget in mind.

An individual spends their entire life in a house, in-fact the house dictates this individual’s living now, hence it becomes all the more important that the house is designed with a lot of thought.

A House Plan comes with the conceptual design of the house, this concept of the house does not change, the house is constructed based on this design, a few modifications in terms of sizing of rooms or adding or editing of spaces may happen, yet the concept does not change and this remains as the character of the house or as I call it, the soul of the house.

Spending as much time, money and efforts towards finalizing the House Plan is of utmost importance, as once this is done, rest of the things just fall in place. Any mistake in the design should be corrected at this conceptual design stage, even requirements can be modified or comfort elements enhanced or reduced, but the House Plan should become the soul of the house, a permanent feature, that will remain with you for as long as you live in that house. provides custom designed house plans, made specifically to meet your requirement. The website also offers options of 3D floor plans to have better understanding of the design and a 3D elevation design for understanding the looks for your house. Make good use of such tools, for better planning of your house and getting the best house plans. If not satisfied, do order again, but do not compromise on the House Plan.


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