House Plans custom designed for you

4 bedroom house plans

House Plans Custom Designed for You

Wouldn’t you like that a professional helps you in designing your dream home? It would be like a dream come true, you can choose all that you desire in your dream house and viola, the House Design Professional creates this perfect house design, just for you.

A Professionally designed house is definitely better than other options such as ready-made house designs or self designed houses as a Professional brings in tons of experience while designing your dream house, while keeping your interest of space and budget in mind.

Alas, approaching an Architect is not that easy and also many consider this a a very expensive proposition. We still believe that when you are spending so much money on your house, taking a Professional advice is always the best.

There of-course is an alternative, that is get your house designed by a Professional House Design agency online. Now, it is affordable and you do get a house designed just for you, based on your requirements. Did I say affordable? Yes, if you visit, you do get affordable pricing for customized house designs.

It is important that you do take Professional advice as there are so many parameters & complexities in House Design and construction that a Professional can help you solve.

Wishing you a happy house construction, if you do have any queries, please do write to us on

Conceptual House Plans is the soul of a House Design

A House Design starts with an idea, an idea of an individuals expectations, dreams and aspiration. That idea when displayed in a graphic form appears as a House Plan.

We start with the basic question as to why do we need a house? Well, a house seems to be one of the 3 primary requirements of all living things on this planet, otherwise called as Food, Clothing and Shelter. A House is a shelter, which protects us from the extreme weather conditions, providing us a habitable environment to live our lives comfortably.

A House Design is so crucial that even our ancestors in the cave tried to modify it to suit their requirements and even painted the walls, which have now become the famous cave paintings of the cave men.

The desire to modify our surroundings for our comfort is almost carnal and we can do little about it. When an individual wants to build a house, he or she starts with their basic requirements then slowly add in the comfort elements and finally adding the aesthetics to meet their lifestyle requirements.

A house should be designed for the person who wishes to live in it. A ready-made and ready to move in houses, are a big compromise on the true requirement of an individuals primary needs.

A house should be designed with a lot of sensitivity and sensibility for the individual, after assessing his true needs and then balancing the same with the comfort elements. The lifestyle requirements of aesthetics should be planned keeping the budget in mind.

An individual spends their entire life in a house, in-fact the house dictates this individual’s living now, hence it becomes all the more important that the house is designed with a lot of thought.

A House Plan comes with the conceptual design of the house, this concept of the house does not change, the house is constructed based on this design, a few modifications in terms of sizing of rooms or adding or editing of spaces may happen, yet the concept does not change and this remains as the character of the house or as I call it, the soul of the house.

Spending as much time, money and efforts towards finalizing the House Plan is of utmost importance, as once this is done, rest of the things just fall in place. Any mistake in the design should be corrected at this conceptual design stage, even requirements can be modified or comfort elements enhanced or reduced, but the House Plan should become the soul of the house, a permanent feature, that will remain with you for as long as you live in that house. provides custom designed house plans, made specifically to meet your requirement. The website also offers options of 3D floor plans to have better understanding of the design and a 3D elevation design for understanding the looks for your house. Make good use of such tools, for better planning of your house and getting the best house plans. If not satisfied, do order again, but do not compromise on the House Plan.


Custom Designed House Plans

Customized House Plans

Custom Designed House Plans

Are custom designed house Plans the best way to design your dream house? Are these house Plans very costly? Where & how do you get customized house Plans?

If you are reading this article, then most probably you are planning to build your house & are searching for the best, most beautiful house designs online & are also interested in saving your hard earned money.

A custom designed house plan can definitely help you achieve all of the above & much more.

A customised House Plan is a house Design that is made for you, for your requirements, for your living style & the house Design meets the plot or land requirements, such as setbacks, proper orientation as per weather & sun and much more. In other words, a house designed in just the right way for you to live & prosper happily.

Now, why wouldn’t somebody want that? Well, for starters a custom designed house Plans were very costly, up until now. The advent of technology has helped in bringing the costs as low as $99 for a conceptual house plan, completely customized for you. Now, isn’t that amazing.

So, Yes, a custom designed house plan is the best method to getting designs for your dream home. Don’t be foolish to design your house on your own, when such a lovely option is available at affordable pricing. A professionally designed house will no doubt be far superior in its design quality, but will also be cheaper for you to construct. We’ll discuss about this in our future articles, but take my word for it, when you are going to spend such a large amount of money on house construction, a professional help will greatly beneficial.

Now, where do we go & order this customised house Design service? It’s super easy, simply visit a website called ( for US residents), select the type of design you want for your house, fill an online form with your requirements, make online payment & you are done.

HouZone has a team of experienced Architectural House Designers & construction professionals, and they will custom design your dream house, exactly as you want it. Yes, a professional House Designer will personally design & draw the house plan, just for you.

Now, you know everything about customised House Plans, simply visit & build your dream house easily.

You can contact houzone on or using their twitter handle @houzone or facebook messenger @houzone.

Plans for Happiness

House Designs for Contemporary American Living

House Design

House Designs for Contemporary American Living

The best way to build your dream house is to do it on your own, apart from offering the maximum flexibility in terms of design options to choices of materials & complete control over the budget, it certainly is a most satisfying experience.

So, how do we go about building a house. Well, we start with the first step & that is to purchase a lot or a land on which we wish to construct the house.

If you already are in possession of the lot, congratulations to you.

Next most important step towards house building is the “House Design”. Now, we would like to emphasise that this is the single most important stage in the process of a house construction and you should spend your maximum time in planning & detailing & budgeting for your dream home.

So, what type of House Design should you choose for contemporary American living & lifestyle? Before going into the details of styles, it is equally important that the House Design is custom made for you, so that it fits your lot size & meets your requirements, this helps greatly in saving costs & giving you the house of your dreams.
Yes, a custom house Design is very expensive, but offers this service at very affordable pricing, so do visit

Now, coming back to the topic of contemporary American House Designs, you may wish to consider these following options to achieve your goal for a dream house:
1. Minimalistic designs provide for the most contemporary lifestyle.
2. Direct Ventilation to all the rooms, including baths & walk-in wardrobes.
3. Flat roof with overhangs, of course this may not be possible in all locations due to the consideration of snow fall, but if possible, this will greatly improve the aesthetics.
4. Energy efficient & Green Building designs for your dream house will provide for sustainable living.
5. Small is in, designed with sensibility & practicality, small spaces provide for easier maintenance & chic lifestyle. Small space also helps you in spending more on the finish quality, thereby improving the aesthetics.
6. Plan for the future, our lifestyles are changing dramatically, from electric powered cars to remote operating system, planning the services accordingly will help in reducing costs & for a much better living spaces.

So, whatever house designs you choose for your dream house, a simple & minimal house will meet the contemporary needs of a modern American living. provides customized house designs, tailor made for you at the fraction of the cost.

Steps in House Building

How do you get a House Designed and Built for yourself? What are the best ways to find yourself a dream home?

For those of you prospective home owners, here is a list of the Steps that you need to take to build a dream home for you and your loved ones. These steps may vary depending on Individual choices, locations or other reasons, but overall this information will provide you with some direction.

  1. Budget – Its important to know the budget for the house, the cost of construction, the cost of designing, the interiors, etc.
  2. Buy the Property – This is actually the first step towards building your dream home, this is a very important step as the location of your house cannot be changed once fixed. Your house compared to the lot or land is quite fluid.
  3. Construction Method – You can choose to construct your house on your own or modular or a builder method. You can choose based on your convenience and budget.
  4. House Plans and Designs – this is the next most important part of house construction as this is where you finalize the design of your dream home. Spend as much time as possible on this stage with as many options, if possible. House Design process is not cheap and can cost you between 5% to 15% of the House Construction Cost while employing an Architect. You can also choose to get your house designed by House Design Companies and they may charge you anywhere between $1.50 to $2.50 per Square feet of the house designed. There is a better option and that is, this online portal offers customized house plans at very affordable and flat pricing, so do check them out.
  5. Building Permissions and Inspections – This is where a permit services company or a builder or a general contractor will be able to help you and guide you. This stage is very complex and there will be a lot of inspections & that is nerve rattling, so we advise that this portion be handled by professionals.
  6. Construction Insurance – Choosing a construction insurance before start of construction will be a good idea
  7. Construction Stage – Construction stages involve ground breaking, foundation, basement work, framing, plumbing, electrical, roofing, paneling, sealing, insulation, etc. Each stage of construction is done by construction professionals and crew.
  8. Final Inspection – Final inspection is conducted to check whether the final construction is done as per the permissions and meets the local building codes. This is necessary to move into the house. To avoid re-works and corrections, the building permissions and Inspections stage is to be taken very seriously.
  9. Landscaping and Garden – After the house construction is completed, the surrounding area is landscaped for aesthetics and ease of maintenance. This may include garden areas, plantations, grass, etc.

Whether you choose to custom design your dream house and build it on your own or go with a builder, it is very important to keep a tab on the budget and planning.

It is often said, a proper planning will go a long way in your dream home construction and help you save money. is an Online portal offering customized house plans and house designs at very affordable pricing.

How much does it cost to build a house?

How much will it cost you to build your own house in America?

Many folks are now realizing that to get what you need, you may have to design and  build your own house.

There are many advantages to building your own house and designing it as per your specific living requirements, these include:

  1. Customized House Designs are made to suite your requirement of space
  2. Does not waste space and does not provide unnecessary rooms or spaces that you do not desire
  3. Provides the right ventilation as per your lot orientation and access to the street
  4. Room sizes are customized as per your living style or your liking of the furniture
  5. Windows and doors can be located as per your need
  6. Electrical and Plumbing can be designed to suite your individual need and style
  7. You may wish for a study or an office space and be happy with a single bedroom, so why not design it accordingly. Any ready-made house or ready-made house designs will not provide you with such flexibility.

So, once we agree that the custom designed houses are best for us, the big question is what will be the cost of constructing the same.

One of the first questions that a prospective home owner asks is the cost of building a house? Whether you wish to build a new house or modify or reconstruct it in the contemporary fashion, the biggest question is all about the costs.

The answer to the cost of construction is very complicated as there are so many variables, so many choices of materials, so many geographic regions and so many different construction crews offering different options. Then there is the question on the size of the house, a small house will be much costlier per square foot than a big two storied house as the law of averages kicks in.

As per the latest homeowners report, the average cost to build a new house is roughly about $150 per Square Foot.

So if you are looking for a 2000 Square foot house, you can expect to shell out around $300,000.  The Americans generally have spent anywhere between $170,000 to $450,000 on a 2000 Square foot house.This of course is very basic and will vary a lot depending on the type of construction, the materials uses, whether you had a full basement, how many floors you construct, region and etc. etc.

If you are looking for building your very own dream home, do visit to get beautiful house designs for your dream home, custom made as per your lot size, location and personal requirements. Best of all, at very affordable pricing and fully custom designed, just for you.

House Plans for American Homes

House Plans for American Homes

House Plans for American Homes

If you are planning to build your very own dream house, you will be on the lookout for a perfect House Design, that will meet your requirements of space, style, costs, etc. etc.

The first step towards all kinds of House Construction is to have a Floor Plan or a House Plan, which typically shows the location of rooms, interconnected spaces, dimensions of room sizes, circulation spaces, doors & windows, etc. etc.

All of us are different, we all have different preferences, likes / dislikes, tastes, and we are not at all similar to anybody around us. In fact, we prefer to be different, similarities are boring, being different is like being special.

A House Plan is also special, it is tailor made to your requirements, so that the House you wish to live in, is precisely the way you want it, very special and the spaces are built around your needs and requirements. This helps in saving money as you do not waste your valuable money in something that you do not need.

There are various ways to get a House Plan for your dream home, for example, hire an Engineer to design it for you or search for ready-made house Plans that meet most of your requirements. When I say most, it means that not all your requirements will be met in a ready made house plan.

There is another way, you can order your house plan, custom designed for yourself, Online. Now, in general understanding, anything custom designed is far more expensive than a ready-made one, but in this case,  it is far cheaper & far better.

With the advent of digital age, technology has helped bring some marvellous things in our life, this is one of those things.

You can visit a website and you’ll find that you can order your very own House Plans for very affordable pricing & the best part, all House Plans are custom made for you.

So, let’s say you need a 2 bedroom house & maybe need an additional guest bedroom that can double up as a study, maybe you need a gym or a home theatre or even a mini bar, all that & much more can be ordered to be designed for you.

The House Plans made by are Technically correct & can be used to easily build your dream home.

HouZone has a team of Architectural House Designers, Interior Designers, Engineers & Construction Professionals, and they will make your House Plan, just for you.

HouZone started with an idea, an idea to bring quality design services affordable & accessible to all, without any borders and without any bias.

So, if you are planning to build your house or you know someone who needs help with house Plans, please visit, you will be making a smart choice, a choice that will help you save a lot of money as well as help you to Design and Build your dream house easily.


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