4 Bedroom House Plans

4 Bedroom House Plans

A Typical 4 Bedroom American House Plans can be designed either on a single floor or can be made into a 2 floor house, depending on your usage, requirements and space available.

A 4 Bedroom house plans start with an Entrance Foyer of sizeable space, maybe a covered Sit out and a large backyard. A swimming pool can be an added luxury.

From the entrance foyer you can enter into the staircase area if its a 2 floor house and has few bedrooms on the upper level and into the formal living room. Access to Formal dining and Great Room (Family Room) can also be given through the entrance foyer.

If you wish to have a small study or an office area, you can think of having an entry into this space from the Entrance Foyer itself or a corridor linking it to the foyer.

Many times keeping the Master bedroom with Master En-suite on the ground level is ideal if you wish to utilize the possibility of extending a deck into the back yard directly from the master bedroom, else all bedrooms can be on the upper level.

Entry into the utility area or laundry area from the garage, which further connects to the country kitchen is more of a necessity than an aesthetic requirements.

A well designed kitchen with a breakfast nook and extension into the backyard deck is ideal.

A conventional fire place to bring in warmth in the design can be planned in the great room (family room).

Its always recommended that a House Design be done by a Professional House Designers as they can properly plan and design the spaces to avoid wastage in material and space as well as bring in harmony and unity in the circulation.

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